Best Bluetooth Speaker In India (2021)

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India for 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

We live in a world full of technology, and for most of us, we cannot do without it.  The latest technology has landed into the world of music. Whether young or old, music is something most of us need every once in a while. Therefore it is safe to say that we all need best bluetooth speakers–a perfect blend of both tech and great music.

Are you in search of a Bluetooth speaker? If yes, you have chosen the right article. Here is an article regarding the best Bluetooth speaker in India 2021.

If you are the one who loves partying and traveling, then you are definitely in need of a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers are handy and portable.

Therefore, you can arrange a party and enjoy yourself anywhere.

Finding the best Bluetooth speakers can be a daunting task expressly if you are not sure of the features and quality that you want. Thanks to the many models available in the markets. If you are on the lookout for a best bluetooth Speakers, here is our shortlist of some of the options to choose from.

JBL GO3 by Harman Ultra Portable IP67 Water & Dustproof Bluetooth Speaker

JBL GO3 by Harman Ultra Portable IP67 Water & Dustproof Bluetooth Speaker
Speaker Size8.7 Centimetres
Battery Life5 Hours
Control MethodTouch
Item Weight209 Grams
Power SourceBattery Powered
Mounting TypeTable Top
Peak Power Handling – Speakers4.2 Watts

The next on our list is the JBL GO 3 Bluetooth Speaker. It is an affordable speaker with solid sound volumes.

It is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 price range. With it enjoy the JBL.

It is designed with IPX7 Waterproof housing. Therefore, you can enjoy worry-free listening to music at the beach or the poolside.

Moreover, you can enjoy wireless Bluetooth streaming.

Connect it to your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices and enjoy the high-quality sound.

With this, you can enjoy a superior sound and a powerful deep bass. The speaker is also equipped with a noise-canceling speakerphone.

Therefore, you can continue with your conference calls.

The battery of this speaker allows you 5 hours of playtime. It is a built-in Li-on rechargeable battery.

If there is no Bluetooth available, then no need to worry. Just plug in the audio cable into the speaker and you can enjoy the same music.


  • Only 5 hours of playtim
IPX7 Waterproof design, hence enjoy music on beach and pool
Noise-canceling speaker
Provision of audio cable as well
JBL signature sound
Only 5 hours of playtime

Bose SoundLink Micro – Best Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro – Best Bluetooth Speaker
Battery Life6 Hours
Control MethodApp, Voice
Item Weight0.64 Pounds
Power SourceBattery Powered
Mounting TypeTable Top
Speaker Maximum Output Power5 Watts

The Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers in India. With a compact design and good quality, it ranks first on our list.

From the name micro, you can understand its structure, size, and design. It is a portable one. 

This speaker is featured with waterproof IPX-7rubber. This covers the whole speaker therefore you can submerge this in water up to 1 meter of depth.

You can continue this for 30 minutes.

Hence, you can enjoy music under the shower as well without worries.

This speaker is not drop-proof yet it was tested that there was no damage or marks after dropping it.

Moreover, the strap of the device fits on anything like a bag, bike handles, arm, etc.

There are plus and minus buttons at the front of the speaker for controlling the volume. There is a small button at the center for voice control assistants. 

The speaker is equipped with an LED light at the side. It alerts you regarding the battery life of the speaker. There is a USB port for you to charge it.

However, the latest ones have USB-C for fast charging.

It is the best for backyard parties with a loud sound. You can even feel the vibration as it has thick bass.

Only, if you raise the volume too much, you might lose clarity. It is a very common issue with speakers.

Moreover, it is designed with a built-in microphone. You can answer your phone calls using it when enjoying music.

There is no auxiliary port therefore, you cannot connect this device with another. The battery takes 4 long hours to charge and to use it for 6 hours. 

It even supports voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa. You can even connect it to the Bose App to enjoy the party mode.

Loud and clear sound
An additional strap
You can use Bose App
Life expectancy of 3-5 years.
A micro USB charging.
At higher volumes, you cannot enjoy a good sound

Echo Dot (4th Gen)Smart Speaker with Alexa – Best Bluetooth Speaker

Battery Life6 Hours
Control MethodApp, Voice
Item Weight341.3 g 
Power SourceBattery Powered
Mounting TypeTable Top
Speaker Maximum Output Power15 Watts

The next on our list of the best Bluetooth speaker in India is this Echo dot 4th gen. speaker. It is a smart speaker, it is operated by Alexa voice control.

Moreover, it comes with a compact design and fits anywhere.

You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker by connecting it to your phone or other speakers through a Bluetooth 3.5mm jack. 

With it, you are able to stream your favorite songs from Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, Gaana, JioSaavan, Spotify.

Furthermore, this device is designed with multiple layers of privacy protection.

There is a microphone off button. With it, you can view and delete your voice recordings.

You can even change the device’s language from English to Hindi. Go to the language option in the device setting from the Alexa App. Just ask “Alexa speak in Hindi”.

( If you do not find this option then nothing to worry about. Just check whether you are having the latest version of Alexa and the latest software update on the device.)

This device is very easy to set up as well.

  • First, just plug in the echo dot.
  • Then connect it to WiFi.
  • After that register using the Amazon Alexa App.
  • Finally, just ask Alexa whatever you want to listen to.

With this echo dot, you can make your day a bit easier.

Moreover, with its sleek and compact design, this device adds to your house looks. Place it anywhere according to your needs.

You can use an Echo dot to switch on the geyser or dim the lights. Echo dot can work with those compatible smart home devices.

With a single command, your work is done.

This device has 4 buttons. 2 buttons for volume, an action button, and a mic off button. There is a light ring.

With a single command, your work is done
Very stylish
Makes your day easier
A smart device
Poor sound recognition

boAt Stone 1400 Mini 18W Bluetooth Speaker

boAt Stone 1400 Mini 18W Bluetooth Speaker
Battery Life6 Hours
Item Weight1210 Grams
Power SourceBattery Powered
Mounting TypeTable Top
Connector TypeBluetooth

Immerse in Nirvana with boAt Stone 1400 Mini portable wireless speaker. The speaker comes equipped with latest Bluetooth v4.2 for optimum wireless connectivity. The powerful drivers offer dynamic 18W sound to enthral you while you immerse in blissful auditory experience. Its rugged and robust design is IPX5 rated that ensures resistance against shocks, dust or water scares. Carry your speaker wherever you go with the carry strap. Moreover, you can connect two Stone 1400 Minis together and forge them as a single speaker with its True Wireless feature, so that your party vibes are always lit! Apart from Bluetooth, the speaker has multiple modes of compatibility in the form of AUX & USB.

  • 18W RMS Stereo Output. Driver Size : 5.7 cm
  • Bluetooth v4.2 with 10m range; Audio Input via AUX & USB
  • Battery Capacity of 2000mAh delivering a playback time of up to 6 hours (50% volume); Full Charge in about 2.5 hours
  • IPX5 marked water & dust resistant
  • 1 Mic for receiving calls
In-built mic
Light-weight and portable

Some customers had issues with the speaker

Sony SRS-XB31 Extra Bass Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Speaker Size231 Millimetres
Battery Life24 Hours
Control MethodTouch
Item Weight980 Grams
Power SourceBattery Powered
Mounting TypeTable Top

There’s no fun without party lights. The SRS-XB31 has multi-colored flashing lights that sync to the beat, including new line lights and a flashing strobe.

Enjoy the same song with wireless party chain. Connect up to 100 wireless speakers with bluetooth technology and the music and lights sync-up so everyone dances to the same beat.

Totally Dustproof Thanks to the IP67 rating, you can take your speaker to the beach, the forest, the desert, or wherever you like the SRS-XB31 will keep on playing, no matter how dusty the surface.

Lasts All Day LongUp to 24 hour battery means the SRS-XB31 can party even longer than you can.

A powerful battery
An extra bass button
Long time playback
A multi-device connectivity
Lack microphone

Best Bluetooth Speakers Brands in India

With so many brands hitting the markets of India every day, finding the right Bluetooth speaker is becoming more challenging.


Best Bluetooth Speakers

boAt speakers have been around for some time now. The brand has become more popular due to its quality and unique products. If you are looking for something that won’t disappoint, you should seriously consider this brand.


Best Bluetooth Speakers

JBL is a popular brand that also produces headphones, home speakers and mainly portable Bluetooth speakers. Their products can be quite expensive but worth every penny.


Best Bluetooth Speakers

One of the largest electronics companies in the world, Philips boasts quality products. From lighting to medical equipment to electronics and audio system, there was no way this brand would miss in this list.


Best Bluetooth Speakers

Known for its excellent sound systems, Sony has a reputation of owning some of the worlds best sound systems. Their portable Bluetooth speakers is a pure sample of a quality audio system.

Best Bluetooth Speaker in India 2021 – Buying Guide

In this buying guide section, you are provided with all the necessary details regarding a Bluetooth speaker. 

Bluetooth speaker hanging from tree

Before buying any product you need to know what the product is all about. The same is the case with Bluetooth speakers.

There are certain factors as well which you should consider before buying.

Let us first talk about what a Bluetooth speaker is and it’s working.

Bluetooth Technology

The Bluetooth technology is basically a wireless technology. It replaces the cable connections among the electronic devices building a personal personal area network.

Bluetooth Logo

Due to technological developments, this technology has been adopted in many devices.

Therefore, you can enjoy a wireless mouse for your laptop.

In addition you can have fun tuning to music with wireless speakers. Your smartphones can easily share data from one to another.

Hence, this is gradually gaining ground.


  • Less power consumption
  • Very easy to upgrade
  • Very cheap
  • Easy transference
  • Offers better range than infrared communication
  • Can connect through obstacles
  • No hassle of wires


  • Very slow
  • Offers connection of 100 m range only
  • The problem of compatibility

What is a Bluetooth Speaker? 

A Bluetooth speaker is basically an amplifier and a loudspeaker that allows wireless connectivity. You can pair it with two or more devices like phones, tablets, laptops. 

Bluetooth speaker in garden

As you pair or connect it with other compatible devices, it decompresses, decodes, and amplifies the audio via the speakers.

Pros and Cons of a Bluetooth Speaker

Here are some of the merits and demerits of the device. Therefore, have a look to understand it better.


  • Portable devices. You can party anywhere with these.
  • These are wireless. Therefore, no hassles with the wires.
  • You can enjoy a powerful sound with it.
  • These are rechargeable. Therefore, they consume less power and hence energy efficient.
  • These speakers do not need any installation. Just carry it anywhere.
  • Comes in different designs.
  • Easy listening to loud music.


  • There can be compatibility issues with other devices.
  • Compared to regular speakers, these do not offer more sound.
  • Pairing is difficult due to Bluetooth versions.

How does a Bluetooth Speaker Work?

Bluetooth is a wireless connection. It allows short-range communications. It is instrumental in connecting one- to – one link between the device ( laptop, phone, etc) and the speaker.

As and when it pairs, it decompresses, decodes, and amplifies the audio ( sound). Then you get to hear it through the speakers.

Bluetooth speaker working infographic

Basically, a Bluetooth speaker consists of an amplifier, speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity. There is a battery as well.

However, for wired connection, these speakers come with an audio jack as well.

On the Bluetooth speakers, there are in-built buttons. In addition, some are enabled with NFC. This helps in an easy pairing.


Airplay is another wireless connection. It is Apple’s copyrighted Wi-Fi-based connection. It allows users to share digital video and audio content among Airplay compatible devices. 


As this is Apple parent technology, therefore, you can only use it on OSX devices.

Moreover, the Airplay compatible or supporting devices are expensive as well. It is due to the license and technical expenses.


  • Allows audio streaming across a broader range.
  • It functions on loss-less compression
  • Allows a direct connection between the compatible devices and Airplay devices.


  • Permits connection only among limited devices (Apple devices and other certified devices only).

Airplay vs Bluetooth

Airplay vs Bluetooth

Here is a table that shows you the difference between an Airplay and a Bluetooth speaker.

It is Apple’s copyrighted Wi-Fi based wireless connections.On the other hand, it is a universal wireless connection.
Can be used only is OSX devicesIt is adapted to many gadgets like laptops, phones, and other such devices.
Allows a broader rangeAllows low range
It functions on lossless compression.Bluetooth works with lossy compression.

Wi-Fi Speaker

This is the technology that connects devices as well but with the use of an internet connection. Unlike Bluetooth, there is no limitation in range, between the distance of the speaker and audio.

The connection procedure is rather simple as well. Turn on the Wi-Fi option and detect the particular WiFi in the WiFi setting section.

Just connect it.

Moreover, at times the WiFi connection for the speakers is done by an App as well.

You can download it on your phone and control the WiFi speaker by it.


  • Better sound quality
  • Better functionality
  • Offers a number of music streaming apps.
  • Allows voice assistant connections like Google Assistants, Siri


  • Drains a lot of mobile data
  • A Wi-Fi signal is a necessary
  • Can be difficult while traveling

Bluetooth Speaker vs Wi-Fi Speaker

Bluetooth speaker vs Wifi speaker

Here is a tabular comparison of Bluetooth speakers and WiFi speakers. Have a look at this.

Bluetooth SpeakersWi-Fi Speakers
Requires no internet connectionsRequires internet connections
Good sound qualityBetter sound quality
Does not allow online streaming through music appsAllows online streaming through music apps like Spotify and other such apps
Maximum wireless speakers support BluetoothNot many speakers support Wi-Fi speakers

Bluetooth Soundbar

Bluetooth Soundbars are similar to Bluetooth Speakers but not the same. These soundbars connect as an extension to the audio source.

It improvises the sound in many ways.

Bluetooth Soundbar

These are long speakers, placed underneath or even above the TV. Due to this, you get to feel that the sound is directly coming from the TV.

These can either function automatically or with the support of a subwoofer.


  • Not much big in size
  • Easy to place and set up
  • Affordable


  • Often the soundbar keeps cutting out
  • Fails to create a sound surround unlike a Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speaker vs Bluetooth Soundbar

Here is a comparison of the Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth soundbar in a tabular form.

Have a look at it to know them better.

Bluetooth SpeakersBluetooth Soundbar
Slightly expensiveAffordable
Better audio qualityGood audio quality. Not better than Bluetooth speakers
Can be kept anywhereCannot be kept everywhere. Therefore it affects the bass and pitch
Creates sound surround systemUnable to create sound surround system
Acquires less spaceAcquires more space

How to Make The Bluetooth Speaker Louder?

Here are some of the tips to do it. 

  • Try to place your Bluetooth speaker near the walls. This lets the sound bounce back from the wall. Hence you get a louder sound. This is possible only in closed areas.
  • Place your speakers on the floor. As a result, vibrations will flow naturally and you will get to hear a clear and loud sound.
  • Try placing the speakers at the corner of the room. This acts as the amplifier of the sound and boosts the volume.
  • You can even pair two or more speakers to get extra sound.

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Speaker in India?

When you decide to buy the best Bluetooth speaker in India you just cannot buy any random Bluetooth speaker. You need to do some necessary research work.

Given below are some of the important factors and features which you should consider while buying the best Bluetooth speaker in India.

Your Purpose

Your purpose is the main factor to consider as to buying a Bluetooth speaker. You might need to listen to music indoors or you want to use it outdoors as well.

Bluetooth speaker on sand

If you want to use it outside then it is better to use the ones that shockproof and come with weather-resistant features. This will protect your device. 

Note the point ‘weather-resistant features’ below to know it better.

Bluetooth Version

As you are buying a Bluetooth speaker, therefore look for the Bluetooth version. 

The very first version of Bluetooth came long years back- Bluetooth v.1. You will not find this version now. 

The speakers nowadays generally come with version 2.1. The very modern ones use the latest versions like Bluetooth 4 or 5.

The buyers at times fail to understand which version to look for or choose. Meanwhile, the advancement in the audio quality came from Bluetooth version 2.1.

bluetooth versions

It came with a profile called EDR called Enhanced Data Rate.

This EDR is instrumental in giving a leap to the audio quality. It offers better sound representation. Therefore, a speaker with 2.1 or more is best.

Note, the higher the version, the higher is the provision of extra properties.

Bluetooth 5 is the latest version but not all devices are equipped with it.

Audio Output Power

The numbers mentioned in Watts are the audio output power of the speakers. It is basically the number of Watts a speaker emits.

Note that the smaller ones fail to produce much power. The output power of around 15-20 is enough to create 80dB. This is enough for indoor and outdoor.

Moreover, it is advisable not to use the speaker to its full volume, it results in distortions. Thus, it is recommended to use up to 80%.

Frequency Range

This frequency range is important. It is measured in Hertz from 50Hz to 20,000Hz. Note that, the wider the range, the better the sound quality.

The lowest frequency in the speaker refers to how much the speaker produces.

audio frequency

However, the highest frequency in the speaker refers to how much can be produced by the speaker. The smaller ones have a narrower range.

Therefore, you do not get large sounds out of these speakers easily.


The driver is considered as the speaker’s heart. Generally, most of the portable speakers are equipped with a 40mm driver. This offers a proper performance.

Consider the size of the speakers, if you want bigger drivers. 

The sound generated by the speakers depends on the number of drivers and their placements. These are generally placed facing upwards or downwards.

This helps in displacing the sound in a better way.

Some speakers with a twin driver setup offer louder sound. Some manufacturers install passive radiators.

It is because there is not much space inside for the woofer to fit in.

However, these radiators produce sound as they vibrate.


The modern speakers are equipped with the latest Bluetooth versions. If the device you are connecting the speaker to, has older Bluetooth versions, then you will face problems in connecting.

Therefore before buying, always check whether your Bluetooth speaker is compatible with older versions or not.

Bluetooth speaker connectivity ports

There are many speakers that come with a USB or a micro USB output for you to charge the speaker.

Most importantly, these connections are essential in installing the latest updates.

Battery Backup

Before buying a speaker, check the battery life. Generally, these Bluetooth speakers are taken here and there for parties.

Therefore, it is a must to check battery life.

If your speaker has a longer battery life, then you can run it for a longer time with a single charge. Larger speakers (some not all) offer 24 hours of battery life.

On the other hand, the smaller ones have a lesser battery life.

The average is between 4 to 10 hours.

Moreover, if you play music at higher volumes, then it will consume more current. As a result, the battery will not last for a longer time.

While you are buying, also check for the charging time. There are some speakers that offer faster charging and some slow charging.

Do not wait for Li-ion batteries to get discharged completely. Never discharge these batteries and then charge them before using them.

Their life decreases as they grow old.

NFC Featured

NFC is near field communications. Some speakers are equipped with NFC. With it you can bypass all settings.

Moreover, you can pair and play music directly.

NFC Feature

Use the NFC and with a tap on both the devices just connect the compatible devices to the speaker.

You are able to enjoy NFC on your Android phones. However, in the case of iPhones, NFC capability is limited only to Apple Pay.

Multiple Connectivity

If you want to enjoy the bigger sound, then buy those Bluetooth speakers that offer multiple connectivities.

With one speaker, you might not achieve the sound you want. At those times, you can pair the speaker with another to get the maximum output.

You get this feature with most of the brands. For instance JBL offers 100 or more speakers connectivity or pairing.

For better audio quality, pair 2 speakers in stereo mode.

App Support

Check for App support. It is a great feature. With it, you can do many tasks. You can check the battery life, manage multiple speakers, or update it. 

Moreover, you might love listening to high-resolution audio files. In such a case, this companion App helps you with high-resolution audio support. For example, LDAC or aptX H

These make a great deal of difference.

Hands-Free Calling

There are many Bluetooth speakers that come with microphones. This enables hands-free calling. 

Hands Free Calling

It is important when your phone is connected to the speaker. If there is an incoming call, it directly routes to the speaker.

Then you can select whether you want to receive it or continue listening to the songs.

Moreover, the microphone helps you to interact with the voice assistants.

Therefore, with it, you can operate the phone and change some phone settings.

Shape and Size

There are various speakers of different sizes and shapes. The cylindrical ones are very easy to carry. You will also find rectangular speakers.

On the other hand, the larger ones offer better sound quality and battery life.

Weather Resistant Feature

Generally, Bluetooth speakers are portable, therefore check whether they are weather-resistant or not. Buy the one that is weather-resistant.

Bluetooth speaker under water

As you carry the Bluetooth speakers anywhere therefore if they are not weather resistant it is of no use.

Weather-resistant means that the devices are resistant to snow or rain. These models are shock, rust, and dust resistant as well.

Likewise, the rugged ones are the best to choose.

Moreover, the waterproof ratings are generally said in IPX6 or IPX7.

The AUX Input

The AUX input is another important feature to have in your Bluetooth speakers. Apart from wireless Bluetooth streaming, a wired connection is necessary at times.

On the other hand, if you are running low on your device’s (phone or speaker) battery, a wired connection helps to save your battery.

It offers better sound quality as well.

Compact and Lightweight

A Bluetooth speaker is something that is carried everywhere. A lightweight and compact speaker can easily fit in your luggage.

Therefore, it is important that your speaker is not heavy.

JBL Charge 3

The ones up to 15cm are easily carried anywhere.

The Powered Speaker

There are many Bluetooth speakers which are powered by AC power sources. But these do not have in-built batteries.

In short, these kinds of music systems are best to use at apartments or offices.

Charging Provision

Most of the speakers are equipped with micro USB ports. Therefore, you can charge the speakers with power banks as well.

Stylish Design

A stylish design is always an eye-catcher. Therefore you can buy Bluetooth speakers of your choice. There are multiple color and color combination options.

Easy Controls

Bluetooth speakers with easy and simple controls are favorable. In addition to that, the devices must be easy to turn on and pair with other ones.

Generally, all the speakers come with Play/Pause keys, Volume buttons, Bluetooth connecting, and receiving phone calls supported.

Durability and Drop-Proof

If you are one of them who drops things very often, then buy a drop-proof speaker. Durability is a must.

sony bluetooth speaker drop proof

Speakers with aluminum housings, do not break if dropped on the floor by mistake. Therefore look for durable ones.

Price, Brand and Warranty

A portable Bluetooth speaker with necessary features ranges from 1000 to 6000. Look for the product description before buying.

Hence, choose the ones that offer you the features you want.

A good warranty with brand value is very important. Generally, the brands offer 1 year on the speakers.

However, do not forget to check the after-sale services as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before purchasing a bluetooth speaker, it is wise to read some of the frequently asked questions. If you are a new user, here are some of the questions you may be having.

Are the Bluetooth speaker batteries replaceable?

Most Bluetooth speakers come with removable batteries. All removable batteries can be replaced with new ones. However, be careful to replace with the same as the previous make to avoid future problems.

My apple device won’t pair with Bluetooth. What do I do?

Most Bluetooth speakers do not pair with apple devices. Some do connect but keep on failing. This is because there are specific speakers made for apple devices.

I have connected both devices, but there is no sound?

Although it rarely happens, simply restarting both devices and connecting again is all you need to do.

How do I test the sound quality?

Range of frequencies, Sound output watt, number of channels and impedance- All these parameters will help you know if the speaker will sound great.

Is Battery Size Important?

It is better to consider the playing time rather than focusing too much on the battery size.

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